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cripple punk/crippunk

flag first coined on twitter on july 7 2021 - archive

crip·ple punk - /ˈkɹɪp(ə)l pəŋk/
"[...] a social movement regarding disability rights that rejects inspirational portrayals of those with disabilities on the sole basis of their disability."
"It challenges the idea that people with disabilities need to appear morally good to deserve the conditional support of able-bodied people, and instead advocates for the solidarity of disabled people who appear not to conform to normative standards through their appearance, body size, dress, use of a mobility aid, drug use, or physical deformity." (Wikipedia)

flag symbolism:

  • black field: mourning, crips of color
  • light blue: history, joy, invisible disabilities
  • gold: perseverance, culture, success
  • red: strength, life, determination
  • dark blue: accessibility, mobility aid users, community
  • triangle pattern: unconventional problem solving, overlapping experiences

term first coined by tyler trewhella on december 3 2014 (archive), with the principles defined by them on december 10 2014 (archive)

rabies pride

flag first coined on tumblr through genderheaven on november 9 2021 - archive & proof

syl-a-bles - pronounciation
"Rabies pride is for Autistic Trans ppl. Its for all the people that were treated like animals, treated like they were contagious or had a deadly disease by classmates/siblings/anyone just for being “too loud” “too hyper” “too close” “too much” due to having autism and being openly trans." (Jakob Strider)

flag symbolism:

  • gold: Autistics, value/intrinsic worth
  • red: Autistics, strength, blood
  • black: alienation, dehumanizationalienation, dehumanization
  • charcoal: community, nonhumanity
  • light pink: neutrality/androgyny, xenic identity, enthusiasm
  • red-pink: femininity, love, resistance
  • blue-grey: masculinity, community
  • red and gold triangles: resembling an "A" for autism and being the Autistic pride colors
  • trans colors tinted red: the influence of autism on transness and specific rabid identity

term first coined by Jakob Strider in 2017 - post



flag first coined via carrd on april 1 2022 - archive

fa·ken·del - fay-ken-dal

a delusional mis/identification of the self as a fae, changeling, or other creature that is impersonating a specific human or the human species in general [from fake (counterfeit, imposter) and Endel (a delusional alterhuman identity)]

flag symbolism:

  • mock strawberry: the fakendel symbol is an edited version of the Endel strawberry, altered to look like a mock strawberry as a reference to the feelings of impersonation inherent in the identity
  • the left half: identical in desgin to the Endel flag
  • the center section: the colors are tinted grey to represent the grey area fakendels encompass
  • the right half: oversaturated and slightly shifted to represent both one's true identity and one's human performance

term first coined via carrd on april 1 2022 - archive


flag first coined on the endels and misidentifiers server on september 8th - archive

al·ter·folk - /ˈɔl.tɚ.foʊk/
any alterhuman identity that is experienced as "i am x," and not exclusive to otherkin & therians.

flag symbolism:

  • base/layout: inspired by popular otherkind, fictionkind, therian, and 'link flags
  • dusty pink: otherkinity
  • purple: existence/identity beyond conventional humanity
  • creme-white: the broad spectrum of alterfolk identity & experiences
  • magenta: existence/identity completely outside of what's human
  • inverted heptacle/circled elf star: otherkin and other alterhuman experiences of identifying as; the circle symbolizes all non-'kin experiences under alterfolk, and the inversion of the elf star represents the difference from just 'kin experiences

term first coined by the black box warriors ~mid 2022 - archive


flag first coined on the endels and misidentifiers server on september 8 2022 - archive

T·B·H·folk - /tiː.biː.eɪt͡ʃ.foʊk/
someone who identifies as the TBH/autism creature. this includes otherkin, therians, endels, some experiences of otherheartedness, and more

flag symbolism:

  • (top) white: his fur
  • (top) black: big eyes
  • red: autism
  • (middle) white: community
  • gold: autism
  • (bottom) black: blank stare
  • (bottom) white: its fur
  • white silhouette: the creature
  • eyes & symbols: alterfolk-hood (or whatever symbol is in the eyes, ie the thetadelta for TBH therians)

term first coined on the endels and misidentifiers server around september 8 2022 - archive


flag first coined on this page on march 17 2023 - archive

jinx·folk - /d͡ʒɪŋks.foʊk/
someone who identifies as jinx from arcane and/or league of legends, including otherkin, endels, fictives, and more

flag symbolism:

  • base/layout: the alterfolk flag
  • powder blue: powder (please appreciate my pun), the various forms & ages of jinx
  • payne's grey: confusion, zaun, mystery, & noemata
  • sky blue: the hex crystal, jinx's hair, fishbone, & a complicated relationship with the past
  • magenta: shimmer, jinx's eyes, pow-pow, & her connection to vi
  • inverted heptacle: alterfolkhood
  • scribbbles/assorted colors: jinx's drawings & psychosis/mania

-folk first coined by the black box warriors ~mid 2022 - archive



flag first coined on twitter on may 28 2021 - archive

dyke - /daɪk/

flag symbolism:

  • black: alienation, rebellion, lack of gender, the aro/ace spectrums, stone dykes, and butches
  • purple: mixed or masculine gender, masculinity and femininity, nonbinary & trans dykes, mspec dykes, and futches
  • hot pink: queerness, feminine gender, femininity (including non-female femininity), womanood, love, WLW, and femmes
  • grey: confusion, blurred identity, disconnect, greyro/grey ace spectrums, and those who identify with no or multiple gender presentations

term origin unclear

aphrodite lesbian

flag first coined on tumblr on december 5th 2021 - archive

aph·ro·di·te les·bi·an - /ˈæ.fɹəʊ.daɪt ˈlɛən/
a lesbian who prefers sexual acts and affection, or who centers sexuality in their relationships; many alloaro lesbians identify this way, but an aphrodite lesbian may have any orientation

flag symbolism:

  • red: roses, aphrodite’s blessings (love/lust)
  • hot pink: sexuality, attraction to the feminine, trans lesbians
  • pink: a-spec lesbians, sex-positive asexuals, femme lesbians
  • white: community, connection, acceptance
  • livid: seafoam, allo lesbians, butch lesbians
  • purple-blue: the ocean, the variety of lesbians, history
  • purple: solidarity and love with bambi lesbians, sappho and violets

term first coined at some point during or before summber 2020

lavender dating

flag first coined through discord on or before april 19 2022 - archive

lav·end·er dat·ing - /ˈlavəndər ˈdeɪt.ɪŋ/

flag symbolism:

  • combined gay & lesbian flags: gay4lesbian love, and the historic nature of lavender dating often being a gay man and lesbian dating eachother to appear heterosexual
  • lavender stripe: "a streak of lavender," queerness, and the bond in lavender partnerships; love (romantic or otherwise) between lavender partners

term origin tba

headmate for headmate/HM4HM

flag first coined on twitter on september 9th 2022 - archive

head·mate for head·mate - /ˈhɛd.meɪt fɔɹ ˈhɛd.meɪt/
headmates who are in relationships with other headmates in their own system, prioritize these relationships, or a term for these relationships themselves

flag symbolism:

  • dark purple: unlabeled, singlet-noncomforming, or indescrible forms of in-sys love
  • magenta: sexual, monogamous/exclusive, & otherwise "taboo" or ridiculed forms of in-sys relationships & love
  • rose pink: self(ves) love and respect
  • light yellow: in-sys and plural solidarity
  • aqua: self(ves) acceptance, whether fusing, healthily multiple, somewhere in between, or something else
  • teal: self(ves) trust & harmony
  • slate blue: learning and self(ves) exploration
  • purple-black: defiance of amatonormativity and diversity of hm4hm love and experiences
  • chevron: fighting for acceptance & unity
  • treblesand: the plural community & harmony


Divine Transgender (capitalized)

flag first coined on tumblr on november 8 2021 - archive

div·ine trans·gen·der - /dɪˈvaɪn tɹænzˈd͡ʒɛn.dɚ/
a Divine Transgender (or Transsexual, Trans*, etc.) person is any theistic trans person (of any religion/path/spirituality) who considers their transness to be divine because, for example:

  • they believe the divine chose for them to be trans
  • they believe transition to be a divine act or to be desired by the divine
  • they believe transness brings them closer to their deity/divinity

the term itself is exclusive to transness, and meant to counter the idea that transness is a curse, less sacred than the "divine [cis]feminine/masculine," and/or inherently seperate from the divine.

flag symbolism:

  • main colors: transness & the broad spectrum of gender identity & exeprience
  • gold stripe: divinity, joy, love

term first coined on tumblr on november 7 2021 - archive


flag first coined on twitter on october 28 2021 - archive

que·gen·der - /ke.ˈd͡ʒɛndɚ/
a latine/hispanic gender identity that cannot be described accurately in english

flag symbolism:

  • black: difficulty defining terms (in English), black hispanics
  • brown: indigenous and brown hispanics, pre colonial/indigenous latin identies such as Muxhes and Qwariwarmi, tierra (“homeland” but different tone)
  • red: resilience, strength, femininity, heritage
  • white: identity, self understanding
  • gold: value, history
  • blue: masculinity, peace, the ocean
  • green: existing outside of the colonialist lens, nature, growth
  • yellow Sol de Mayo: the Hispanic people

term first coined by an unknown person on or before february 19 2017 - archive


flag first coined on the ezgender/mogai wiki discord during or before december 2021 - no archive

sea·lep·hoax·ic - pronounciation tba
a gender connected to the coney island sea rabbit, its lore, or its taxidermy. (pretty much created as a joke but still fun!)

flag symbolism:

  • colors: colorpicked from the rabbit, and arranged to represent its fur (top) and the sea (bottom)
  • thin white stripes: the line between fact and fiction
  • salmon stripe: core identity and love for the sea rabbit

term first coined on the ezgender/mogai wiki discord during or before december 2021 - no archive


flag first coined on twitter on november 10 2022 - archive

trans·fem·asc - pronounciation
being both transfeminine and transmasculine

flag symbolism:

  • wine red: androgyny / growth
  • salmon: detrans, multitrans, and retrans experiences / resilience
  • golden yellow: intersex liberation & community / transformation
  • pale pink-white: transition & exploration
  • seafoam: trans* community & experiences / love
  • lavender: transsexuality, self-affirmation, self-respect / vulnerability
  • deep purple: gender nonconformity, existing outside of & in spite of rigid gender categories / selfhood


flag first coined in the genderpunks discord server on march 15 2023 - archive

mul·ti·trans·i·tion·al - pronounciation
a gender transition that takes a non-linear path/goes in multiple directions, for example, someone who is MtF and then transitions to being a demiboy, or someone who transitions to both female and male at the same time.

flag symbolism:

  • colors: derived from the trans* pride flag, isogender flag, and [pro-trans] detransitioner flags by @SupportDetrans and plushself
  • chevron: unconventional transition paths, paradoxical experiences, and queerness
  • purple tint: diversity, androgyny, & extrabinary experiences


ursula/dyke bear flag proposal

flag first coined on this page on march 31 2023 - archive

ur·su·la - /ˈursulɑ/
a lesbian/dyke bear; "Most lesbian bears are butch, fat or stockily built and sometimes taller than average. Like their gay male counterparts who tend to be hairy, female bears often resist shaving their legs and underarms, while coveting any facial hair that appears. Ursulas are down-to-earth and are usually found in jeans or leather."

flag symbolism:

  • big dipper emblem: the ursa major/ursalas
  • top stripes tinted red/orange: butchhood, fur/hair, warmth
  • bottom stripes tinted purple/blue: dykehood, solidary
  • base colors: the bear brotherhood, fur colors of bears (animals)

first publically used in "beary feminine" by tanya gulliver - archive

teddy bear

flag first coined on this page on march 31 2023 - archive

ted·dy bear - /ˈtediːbeə/
primarily a softer term & flag for bears, mostly aesthetics-based.

my personal definition (which is not established or universal) is a bear that is typically smaller, more fuzzy than hairy, and more soft than tough, similar to the term cub.

flag symbolism:

  • paw with heart emblem: a simplified bear paw (as would appear on a plush), love (for one's self and/or others)
  • softer/pinker colors: softness, plushes, warmth
  • base colors: the bear brotherhood, fur colors of bears (animals)



flag first coined on twitter on july 10 2021 - archive

au·tist·ic - pronounciation
someone who is on the autism spectrum

flag symbolism:

  • red: symbolic of autism acceptance, especially to oppose blue / life and strength
  • gold: a common Autistic pride color based on the element of gold being “Au” / success and pride
  • brown-gold: a reference to the satirical anti A$ “Tone it down Taupe” / diversity and mourning
  • 7 stripes/gradient: the diversity of the Autistic community, and how the Autism spectrum is not dark to light (mild to severe) but simply different “shades”
  • golden autistic A: a symbol of the autism spectrum, combining an A for Autism with a neurodivergent infinity


flag first coined on discord in november 2022, planned to be published in a zine soon

schi·zo·typ·al - pronounciation

flag symbolism:

  • teal (top): a unique perception of the shared world
  • grey-blue: solitude, loneliness, and/or independence
  • turquoise: consistent/long-term experiences
  • pale green: eccentricity, nonconformance
  • dark blue: transient/fluid experiences
  • grey-purple: the schizophrenia spectrum & overlap
  • teal (bottom): unique personal & inner worlds
  • schizotypal black cat*: magical thinking, increased superstitiousness, ambiguity, being frequently misunderstood and demonized

*i like to call them the schitty

other specified dissociative disorder

flag first coined through a youtube video july 29 2023, created with help from the et al. et al. discord server

flag symbolism:

  • black/dark navy: hardship (POW/MIA, abuse prevention, & stress/trauma)
  • yellow: recovery (survival & hope)
  • teal: community solidarity (dissociation & mental health awareness)
  • purple: variety of/fluctuating experiences (the OSDD spectrum)


ehlers-danlos syndrome

flag first coined on twitter on july 10 2021 - archive

eh·lers dan·los syn·drome - pronounciation

flag symbolism:

  • grey field: uncertainty, spectrum of experiences, spoons
  • black: mourning, history, grief
  • red: strength, life, determination
  • white: advancement, hope, community, dx’d EDSers, pain control
  • orange: pride, expression, acceptance
  • charcoal: undx’d EDSers, pain, mobility aids
  • chevron/bend: hypermobility, scoliosis, and unconventional bodies and problem solving.
  • color combination: symbolic of tigers, an alternative mascot to the zebra*

*the zebra is a symbol of all rare diseases. EDS is most likely not one, and certainly not the only one. tigers are proposed as an alternative because they also have unique stripes, symbolize strength, are highly flexible, & are the namesake of a nickname for stretch marks ("tiger stripes") which are common in those with EDS.


flag first coined [place] on [date] - archive

syl-a-bles - pronounciation

flag symbolism:

term first coined by [person] on [date] - archive