the autism creature, also known as yippee and the tbh creature (or simply tbh), is what scientists have identified as a "little guy." they were first introduced to the wild on january 1st, 2021, in a drawing by twitter user acmeiku. he was named tbh after an earlier drawing by the same person.

in 2022, tbh became the proud mascot for autism through the support of autistic tumblr. in may 2022, his friend the adhd creature/btw was posted on tiktok by real.megamind!

autistics love tbh. tbh loves autistics. autistics love shiny things & being cringe. i love shiny things and being cringe. blinkies are shiny and cringe. tbh loves blinkies.

speaking of autism, there's a range of autistic pride flags out there! picking out the 5 most popular (that i also like):

twainbow, an organization for queer & LGBTQIA+ autistic people, put out the RGN autism pride flag in february 2016! this flag is specifically for queer autistics, though, and was not intended as a general pride flag.

deviantart user transfeminine designed the rainbow autism spectrum flag in october 2018, uploading a redesign in february of 2021.

in 2019, autistic empire posted the gold-rainbow infinity flag to their site for autistic pride day. the rainbow infinity represented neurodiversity and pride, with the gold derived from its use as an alternative to blue, since its periodic table symbol is Au!

"sol diaz" (actually just me!) posted the red and gold autistic flag to twitter in july 2021 as part of disability pride month! the colors were based on #redinstead and the use of gold for autism pride & advocacy. the infinity A in the center is an autistic symbol of unknown origin.

neurodivergent elephant uploaded their own autistic flag design to wikimedia commons in december 2021, which was red, gold, and green.

shown below in order listed! stamp border by kelmeloo.