"Crow [is] a Latino and American Indian 18-year-old with bold blue makeup, chunky boots and a walking cane."
- The Washington Post (yes, really)

welcome to my site!!! i go by a lot of names, but most people call me crow& (the ampersand is silent)!!! i use fey/feyr, it/its, 🦷/🦷s, and a couple other pronouns. (click here for my names, pronouns, pronunciation & usage guides!)

this site is home to... well, all my weird stuff! i 'specialize' in activism/advocacy/education, various forms of art, frontend web development (like this site), and nonfiction writing (specifically essays & marginalized american/queer/disability history).

charrua dyke autistic kaleidoscopic transsexual transfemasc plural BPD system borderline schizotypal endel

webrings, fanlistings, & cliques can be found here :3

say hi to my little guy!